Support Program a Family within University

"Our son will graduate this spring from the University of Arkansas after four years. He majored in history, a passion of his since he was in middle school. As a student in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, he had to fulfill many requirements that were not passions of his, including science, math, and four semesters of foreign language. His history major and English minor have required extensive reading and writing. The Autism Support Program has played a critical role in our son's successful completion of these requirements. Our son receives guidance, encouragement, and sometimes a swift kick in the pants during daily coaching sessions and study halls at the ASP office. He has enjoyed and benefited from social outings with peer mentors and fellow ASP students. The dormitory set-up at the Northwest Quads has been ideal; the suite format allows for social interaction while the single rooms provide privacy and quiet study areas. And he has to keep his bathroom clean! Our son has also benefited from one-to-one advising sessions about course selection; ASP students have registration priority, so he was never closed out of a class he wanted. In short, the Autism Support Program has been a 'family' within the larger university setting for our son. We are very excited about where his degree might take him and very grateful to ASP for providing the support he needed to earn that degree!"

Amazing Coaches, a Wealth of Friends

"I've had a lot of benefits being in this Autism Support Program in my College years. First, I had many amazing coaches who guided me through my academics whenever I was struggling with something. Second, I also made a wealth of friends in the program. The Autism Support Program has also taught me how to socialize better with people, like remembering to do more listening than talking. I'm really proud of the vast progress I've made thanks to this program, and I plan to continue to improve in all the skills I've learned to do. I was very lucky to be a part."

Succeeding in College Gives Him Confidence

"This program has helped my child transition to college. It gives him a person to connect with on a daily basis, which is very important for my son who may not talk to many people during the course of a day.
"The coach is there to help him figure out how to talk to or ask a professor something, how to solve a problem that may seem overwhelming, or how to get a tutor to help him if he is struggling to understand something in a class.
"The study halls are good because they get him out of his room and around others. It's nice for him to be able to have his own space to retreat to after a long day and also that his suite mates are in the program too.
"He is succeeding in college and this gives him confidence."

Recent Grad Begins Good Career

"As the parents of a high functioning son who graduated from high school with a 2.0 GPA, we had aspirations for college for him but knew these might be remote since he did not meet the minimum college GPA standards. We knew his computer skills could take him far in life, but he needed the support and degree to make this happen. I discovered the U of A ASP program in a Google search and spoke with Dr. Greene, and I found out at that time the ASP program was in its first year and had taken its first few students. After a few interviews and a written essay from our son, Dr. Greene took our son into the ASP program and got him accepted into the U of A system. Through their mentoring program, hours of ASP study hall sessions and personal study assistance, our son graduated in May 2017 with a 3.0 GPA in business information systems. We live in Arkansas, but our son now lives in Bethesda MD working as a Junior Systems Support Analyst for a $50 billion/annual technology company. I strongly recommend Dr. Greene and the U of A ASP program. Our son developed strong study habits, made some lifelong friends and gained the confidence to be independent and successful like we always knew could achieve."

Support Brings Success

"The ASP program has been a tremendous help for our son. He started college elsewhere, and without any support, he fell through the cracks. The coaching keeps him on track, holds him accountable, and if needed the coaches go with him to speak to professors. The ASP program gave us peace of mind — knowing our son had someone there to advocate for him. We're happy to say, he is graduating and has a terrific job lined up post-graduation. We don't think this would have happened without the ASP program at UArk."

Finding Assistance, Guidance and Support

"Dr. Greene's ASP program at University of Arkansas laid the foundation for our son's college career. We knew he needed assistance, guidance and support to be able to make it on his own as a first year student. I'm convinced when we see our son at his graduation ceremony next May it could not have happened without Dr. Greene and her team."

Academic Success Plus Independence, Life Skills

"The Autism Support Program at UARK has exceeded all expectations we had hoped for. Our son has achieved great academic success, while gaining the independence, social and life skills needed for him to thrive in the future. The Staff and peer mentors are dedicated and professional, and provide the additional support and structure needed to guide and assist the program's students. I would highly recommend that students, and parents of those students on the Autism spectrum consider participation in the ASP at UARK."

Support for Undergrad Leads to Graduate School

"When our son was three years old, we knew something was wrong. His speech development was considerably behind the other toddlers in his daycare classroom. Finally, a pediatric psychiatrist made the diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorder. He worked with us to get our son mainstreamed with some additional assistance.
"As each academic year advanced, we saw significant improvement ... and in his junior year in high school he made enough gains to take the ACT because he had plans to go to college. We never thought he would graduate from college, but he did in May of 2019. In the fall of 2019, he will start graduate school in Oklahoma.
"If it was not for the program, we believe, he would not be where he is today. The program gave him social, academic, tutorial, and emotional support. With each passing semester, he became more intelligent and confident. The program helped to make our son become an independent, tax-paying citizen. We are grateful for the program who helped our son develop into the man he is."

Staff Assures Traditional University Experience

"The Autism Support Program provides our son with the structure and guidance he needs to be independent, happy, and successful at U of A. ASP enables him to enjoy a traditional university experience and gives us peace of mind knowing he has dedicated resources available to him. Dr. Greene has always been easily accessible when we've had questions or asked for her assistance. She and her staff are excellent! We couldn't be more pleased with our son's academic progress and personal growth. ASP has created an opportunity for him to develop as a young adult that we didn't believe was possible."

Skills Our Son Learned Stay with Him

"We are parents of a student who was enrolled in the ASP Program at the University of Arkansas. Our son was in one of the first classes for Dr. Greene's program and was a participant for his entire college career at the university.
"Without a doubt, the program was instrumental in our son's success at the university. As part of that success, the program helped him feel comfortable and enjoy his time in school. Our son graduated from the university in four years and with excellent grades. We do not think that could have happened without the program.
"The program personnel were all you could ask for — professional, caring, patient, and helpful. The coaches and peer mentors work with the students to see them through the various transitions in class registration, semester changes, etc. Probably one of the most important aspects of the program is instilling the organizational skills and discipline a college student needs. At least in our son's case, that was of high importance. Skills that our son learned in the program seem to have stayed with him.
"We are very proud of our son and grateful to Dr. Greene and her team."